What are the differences between the residential and online delivery modes?

September 23, 2022

All MSIM degree options (Early-Career, Early-Career Accelerated and Mid-Career) are offered in two modes, residential and online. The courses, credits and requirements are all the same.

Key differences:

Program start dates: Students who pursue online options have four opportunities to begin the program each year (September, January, March or June). Conversely, all new residential students matriculate in autumn.

Application process: Application processes and timelines vary by degree option and modality, and candidates are advised to pay careful attention to the dates and details associated with their chosen program track and mode of study.

Part time vs. full time: All online and Mid-Career students can complete their studies part time. Residential students in the Early-Career and Early-Career Accelerated degree options are expected to be enrolled full time.

Specializations: The residential options offer six specializations while the online options currently offer three of these six specializations.